Celebrate Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month and an opportunity to reflect on the women who have enriched our lives. At times like this, I think of my mother, who raised 10 kids and worked two jobs, just trying to keep a roof over our heads and our bellies full.

Recently, our family got together to talk about the remarkable women in our lives and the opportunities we have to continue making progress on important issues like equal pay.

Today, I see women’s equality in my wife, Mary Louise, owning her own business and being a professional woman without facing the same kinds of barriers that generations of women before have faced.

I see women’s equality in the talented team leading the city everyday. From our City Council members, Cabinet members and members of my administration, the women of Denver are making sure this City of Opportunity extends to everyone.

And I am committed to equal pay for equal work because my daughters should have the opportunity to work in careers that pay them the same as men.

Please celebrate Women’s History Month with our family by telling us about the most important women in your life.

Together, let’s keep making progress for women.