Thank You, Denver!

Thank you, Denver. I’m proud to be your Mayor for four more years! Thank you for your confidence in me, and thank you for your trust. I am truly humbled.

I could not do this alone, and there are so many people who’ve encouraged me and supported me over the past four years. Four of them have been by my side every step of the way – Mary Louise, Alayna, Jordan and Janae. I love you all so much. Thank you for taking this journey with me.

And then there’s the rock of my entire family. Someone whose strength, generosity and kindness knows no bounds. My mother, Scharlyne.

Thank you to my campaign co-chairs – Ken Salazar, Diana DeGette, Wilma Webb, Bruce James and Anna Jo Haynes – and to our small but mighty campaign staff, and our many, many volunteers.

Thank you to our dedicated Cabinet members, department heads and the Mayor’s Office team. They are true public servants and I am honored to serve with them each and every day.

And of course, we wouldn’t be here if it were not for all of you. Thank you for working hard every day to make Denver the best city in America – the best city anywhere!

Serving as your mayor has been the greatest honor of my life, the culmination of a dream. Thank you for keeping the dream alive!

Tonight we write a new page in the history of our great city, and we’re here because of the people. It is the people of Denver who make it all happen.

I think about the many families in Westwood, who are not only enjoying Cuatro Vientos Park, the first new park in the neighborhood in 30 years, but soon will be able to walk to get fresh food for dinner.

I think about Rob Carpenter, founder of AppIt Ventures, whose idea to help other entrepreneurs map out and grow their businesses won him our very first business plan competition.

I think about Heather Alcott, who, after living in Asia for a time, opened Glaze Bakery and brought the Japanese Baum Cake to Denver. She can now fly direct to Tokyo to purchase the local ingredients that add an authentic touch to these inspired treats.

I think about little Mikey holding tight to his MY Denver Card as he enjoyed the summer by the Barnum pool with his friends for free.

These are the stories of Denver, the stories of who we’ve become over the last four years, and the future we will build for our children and our children’s children.

There is a renewed vibrancy coursing through our city. You see it in neighborhoods all across Denver. You see it in storefronts along Morrison Road, MLK Boulevard and South Gaylord. You see it along light rail lines and on b-cycles, in City Park and Central Park and Harvey Park, on the faces of our kids in rec centers and the people at Union Station. You see it everywhere.

When we started on this journey together four years ago, the path before us was clear. Our economy, gripped by the recession, was struggling. Today, we’re back stronger than ever, creating thousands of new jobs, thousands of new businesses and breathing new life into our neighborhoods.

We resuscitated a budget that was cut to the bone and turned it around. We revived libraries that were reducing hours and added more time for children and families to enjoy our great community resources. And we reinvigorated a police force that hadn’t added new recruits in years, and turned it into more officers on the street.

Most important, we saw the gaps that existed for our children, the children that represent the future of our great city, and we created new opportunities for them to reach their God-given potential.

Tonight, we heard loud and clear that the people want four more years of progress. They want more jobs for our hard-working residents, more housing for our families, more opportunities for our children, and more progress towards Denver taking its rightful place on the international stage as a global city where everyone matters.

And for the families struggling with the cost of housing, for those that believe, as I do, that a great city must be better connected, with safe, vibrant neighborhoods, and filled with compassion, we will find solutions together.

Denver, our story is far from over. We will meet our challenges head on and create a city of opportunity for every family, every business and every neighborhood.

Four years ago, we had a vision for what Denver could be, a vision this city embraced. Together, we charged forward boldly to realize it. While we’ve had our challenges, we never let that stop us. The resolve of this city — to move forward, to be better tomorrow than we are today — is absolute.

We’re just getting started. Tomorrow, we begin to write the next chapter in Denver’s story.

God bless you, and God bless the City and County of Denver!

Thank you all!

Michael B. Hancock