What I’m Proudest of: The MY Denver Card (New Ad!)

Of all we’ve been able to do in Denver over the last four years, the MY Denver Card is what I’m most proud of. It gives over 100,000 kids in Denver free access to our rec centers, libraries, museums and pools.

Our latest TV ad tells that story. I hope you’ll watch it and send it to anyone with young children who could benefit from the MY Denver Card.

I owe a lot to our recreation centers. Skyland Rec Center (now Hiawatha Davis Rec Center) and the Curtis Park Rec Center gave me a safe place to go after school. They saved my life and I know I’m not alone.

Denver gave me the chance to succeed, and it all started at our community pools, rec centers, and libraries. Any one of our kids could need that same chance.


Michael Hancock

PS — If you haven’t signed your kids up for the MY Denver Card, please visit the website and do that right now.