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Current and former elected officials, community members and supporters of previous candidates rally to express their continued and newfound support of Mayor Hancock.

DENVER – Prominent community leaders – including current and former elected officials, community members and faith leaders – gathered today to endorse Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock’s re-election campaign.

“We are building a broad coalition of support, and I am honored to have earned the support of these community leaders,” Mayor Hancock said during Monday’s press conference at Ferguson Park in Denver’s Park Hill neighborhood. “Many of us have worked together for decades fighting for the people of Denver. Voters have a clear choice now: tackle our challenges together with bold solutions, or unravel everything we’ve accomplished together.”

Mayor Hancock said he was particularly proud that several supporters of first-round candidates Lisa Calderón and Penfield Tate are now backing his re-election bid. They include Tate supporters Becky Brooks, Hon. Mike Cerbo, C.L. Harmer, Hon. Rollie and Josie Heath, Collon Kennedy, Daniel E. Muse, Linda Shoemaker and Hon. Bill Thiebaut, and Calderón supporters Hon. Juanita Chacon, Helen Thorpe and Aaron Silverstein.

Mayor Hancock was preceded at the podium today by his former principal at Manual High School, Linda Bates Leali, former U.S. Attorney John Walsh and City Councilwoman Stacie Gilmore.

Leali opened the program saying she supports Mayor Hancock because, “He has always had a passion for leadership, a passion for community and above all, a passion for the city of Denver.”

“I saw firsthand how Mayor Hancock stabilized Denver’s economy after the Great Recession, and turned Denver into the most economically vibrant and prosperous city in the country. And I know he isn’t done yet. That’s why I am endorsing his campaign for one more term to serve as our Mayor,” Walsh said.

Councilwoman Gilmore asked for the community to join her in supporting Mayor Hancock by saying, “I want these next four years to work for the people of Denver, and we need a Mayor who will keep our city on track. I know that no other candidate for Mayor will fight for the people of this city – for people in all of our communities – as hard as Mayor Hancock does.”

“Denver, we’re ready to take the successes we’ve experienced and turn them into equitable opportunity for all our people and for all our neighborhoods. We can bring everyone along to have a future in Denver,” Mayor Hancock said.

Mayor Hancock is excited to continue making his case to the voters of Denver. He’s delivering a more equitable, welcoming, modern and progressive city by improving our parks, protecting our climate, fighting for the civil rights and social justice of all people and working to ensure everyone has a place in the future of Denver.