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The People’s Agenda

Mayor Michael Hancock’s vision is for Denver to be the best place in the nation for our residents to raise a family, start a career and build a future. Denver’s extraordinary success means we have the resources to make Denver even better by strengthening neighborhoods, expanding parks and open space, and leading urban strategies to promote sustainable communities , more aggressively combat climate change and improve Denver’s overall quality of life. Much of this work is already underway, and with four additional years, Mayor Hancock will deliver even bolder solutions by.
Keeping Denver Affordable
  • Create another 6,300 affordable and attainable homes thanks to the doubling of our Affordable Housing Fund.
  • Provide expanded property tax rebates to low-income families, seniors and people with disabilities, which we can do thanks to the city’s overall financial strength.
  • Add resources available through Denver’s 11 Financial Empowerment Centers to help Denver residents with debt assistance and economic mobility.
  • Offer more financial support to help keep individuals and families in their homes by providing temporary assistance with utility bills, rent and mortgage payments.
  • Expand land banking and other strategies to create and preserve affordable housing through a new Department of Housing and Homelessness.
  • Increase the minimum wage to $15 an hour for city employees and contractors, create job opportunities and expand skills training programs so Denver workers can compete in an ever-changing global economy.
  • Expand the availability of affordable, quality childcare and before- and after-school programs.
Managing Future Growth for a More Inclusive, Connected and Healthier City
  • Implement Denver’s new Comp Plan 2040 and Blueprint Denver update, which will direct growth and density where it makes sense and empower neighborhoods to have more input.
  • Help each neighborhood become “complete” — with its own authentic character, quality-of-life social infrastructure such as libraries and parks, and housing options.
  • Direct most new housing and commercial growth to designated centers and corridors that are tied to strong transit options, major roadways and regional destinations.
  • Implement new neighborhood design review tools and processes for greater resident input.
  • Fully deploy the Neighborhood Equity and Stabilization Team to support neighborhoods where gentrification and displacement is likely with unique resources.
  • Establish high-quality, continuous transportation networks that prioritize pedestrians, transit and bicycles for seamless mobility throughout the city.
Addressing Homelessness
  • Complete a comprehensive strategic plan to tackle homelessness with “Housing First” tactics.
  • Provide 400 housing vouchers and extend shelter hours for the 600 people living on our streets.
  • Expand and reconfigure our shelters to reduce barriers and better serve specific populations, such as couples, people with pets and those with storage needs.
  • Deploy more navigators to connect homeless people with services and housing.
  • Expand the highly successful Denver Day Works jobs program, which connects those who are homeless and unemployed with work and a stable income.
  • Expand Denver’s innovative Social Impact Bond permanent supportive housing program for the chronically homeless.
  • Open a 46-bed Solutions Center to provide a stable setting for those in crisis.
  • Update the zoning code to provide innovative options for shelter and group living – including tiny homes – in neighborhoods citywide.
Tackling Denver’s Behavioral Health Challenges
  • Reduce the 200 yearly fatal drug overdoses, with a focus on opioids and methamphetamines.
  • Implement voter-approved Caring4Denver, which will provide increased funding for mental health, homelessness and suicide prevention services.
  • Enact recommendations in the Opioid Response Strategic Plan to address substance misuse.
  • Create and implement a strategic mental health action plan.
Improving Mobility with Innovative Solutions
  • Invest $2B to improve transportation and mobility in neighborhoods all across Denver.
  • Deploy smart-city technology to improve traffic flow and prevent crashes, injuries and deaths.
  • Enhance transit by: launching Bus Rapid Transit on major corridors, creating more transit-only or transit-priority lanes, and launching city-subsidized transit services, including an expansion of the “On My Way” free bus and light rail program for youth ages 12 to 18.
  • Install 125 miles of bike lanes and improve our pedestrian network.
  • Reduce single-occupant vehicle commuters from 73% of all commuters to 50% by 2030.
  • Expedite transportation projects by creating a new Dept. of Transportation and Infrastructure.
Leading on Climate, the Environment, Parks and Open Space
  • Power all City buildings with 100% renewable electricity by 2025 and the entire city by 2030 and move more aggressively towards carbon neutrality.
  • Expand performance requirements to reduce the carbon footprint of Denver’s largest buildings.
  • Reduce landfill waste and significantly increase recycling and composting citywide.
  • Significantly expand our park system thanks to voter-approved funding, and ensure parks and open space are within a 10-minute walk of each neighborhood.
  • Adapt our parks to prioritize the protection of water, trees, wildlife habitats and ecosystems.
  • Convert 40,000 street lights to LEDs to save energy and money and improve lighting quality.
  • Update building and energy codes to reflect the highest standards possible, including stretch codes to incentivize higher performance.
  • Significantly increase electric vehicles in the City fleet and facilitate additional charging stations.
Delivering Equity, Inclusion and Opportunity for All Denver Residents
  • Implement Small Business Utilization Plans in every City department to help expand contracting opportunities for minority- and women-owned (M/WBE) businesses.
  • Launch a mentor-protégé program to build capacity and deepen the bench of M/WBEs.
  • Offer more job opportunities for local residents to work on local projects through new workforce training requirements and a job-training apprenticeship strategy.
  • Expand Denver’s Race & Social Justice Initiative, one of just a few across the county, so that City employees and agencies can pro-actively reduce biases and decision-making that negatively impact communities of color.
  • Continue criminal justice reforms, including expungement of marijuana crimes.
  • Expand opportunities for Denver’s immigrant and refugee communities.
  • Work collaboratively with communities of color to expand and develop culturally relevant innovation centers and action plans.
Successfully Managing and Completing Infrastructure Projects
  • Redevelop the airport’s Great Hall, add 39 more gates, expand business opportunities on airport property, and continue to create a world-class Aerotropolis around the airport.
  • Complete voter-supported plans to create the National Western Center and improve connectivity to the surrounding neighborhoods and the South Platte River, and launch work to create additional world-class facilities on the campus.
  • Upgrade the 16th Street Mall to improve the pedestrian experience and activation of spaces.
  • Expand the Colorado Convention Center.
  • Deliver projects funded by the nearly $1 billion voter-approved Elevate Denver bond program.
Keeping Denver’s Residents and Neighborhoods Safe
  • Prevent crime by addressing underlying societal challenges via the Denver Opportunity Index.
  • Strengthen partnerships with nonprofits to ensure only those who need to be in jail are in jail.
  • Enhance re-entry services and waive processing and monitoring fees for inmates to ease their transition back into society.
  • Continue to improve response times and maintain staffing levels – the Police Department has hired 300 new officers the past three years – to keep pace with population growth.
  • Open a new state-of-the-art 911 dispatch center to improve safety for neighborhoods and residents citywide.

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